Frequently asked questions

What are your opening hours

We are open Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6pm

What times are drop offs and pick ups

Pick up and drop off when suits you during our opening hours

What happens if my dog is still here at 6pm

We will call you or your listed emergency contact to find out what needs to happen. There is a late fee of $20 per 15mins to pay the staff member who is still there

we can always drop your dog home if you call us before 4pm

How long is a half day

3-5 hours from the time you drop off $16 ($13 with gold card)

How long is a full day

7+ hours from the time you drop off $30

Is there a per hour charge

$5.50 per hour ($3.50 with gold card)

How do I book

Give us a call 06 3578386, email or facebook.

Set up a time to come have a look around and discuss any requirements your dog may have.

What is required to start

We have an enrolment form to fill in and we need to see the vaccine book

We will discuss with you if your dog has any special requirements.

Their first day is classed as a trial to make sure they will fit in with the current pack. From there we will discuss suitable days according to your dogs personality.

What do I bring along

we find it helps settle your dog in if you bring along something from home such as blanket or toy. It brings a familiar smell along and helps them sleep if they get overwhelmed and / or need a break.

We prefer dogs under 5 months of age bring along lunch, once they have a full tummy they are more likely to sleep

What vaccines do you require

Kennel cough – yearly vaccines

Parvo / distemper – 1 -3 yearly vaccine depending on the clinic

What age can dogs start

Once pups have finished their vaccine schedule they can start (usually around 16 weeks) We ask the younger dogs to bring a blanket and lunch along so we can give them a rest.

Do you take entire dogs?

We prefer all dogs over the age of one be desexed. If they are a large breed such as great dane then we are happy with 18 months. We will keep in touch with you regarding any unwanted behaviours developing.

Are the dogs fed during their stay

We will happily feed your dog if you bring along their usual food,

we require you to bring along food so we don’t cause any stomach upsets

How do they toilet

All pens including inside have grass for toileting

What happens if your dog is injured or becomes unwell

We will give you a call to see what you would like to be done.

If you know your dog is unwell we ask you not to bring them along

Can you give medication

yes, if your dog has been prescribed medication we are happy to administer it according to your vets instructions.

How do you manage the dogs

we have 5 pens and the dogs are split into groups of age, size, temperament and play style.

Ie small energetic dogs will play with gentle bigger dogs,

Do you punish the dogs

We use time out when the dogs are misbehaving ie excessive barking, too rough during play. They get a 5 minute time out then we try again. We will inform you of any issues that may arise

How are the dogs entertained during their stay

They are free to play as they please through out the day as long as they are respecting each other and our equipment, we provide enrichment such as sandpit, water play, balls and ropes.

Do they nap during the day

Dogs who have been with us a while know they can stop and rest any time, new and younger dogs will be crate trained to provide a nice quiet place to sleep / rest

Flea’s and worms

We require all dogs to be upto date with flea and worm treatments, if we see any we will let you know and they will need to be treated before returning. If you prefer we can treat them for you. We carry Nexgard spectra, Revolution and drontal tablets.

Do you provide a pick up and drop off Service

We have two school buses that go out 3 times a day.

Morning 7.30am – 9am

Lunch 12-1pm

Evening 4.30 – 6pm

$6 each way in town, $8 for 70km zones

Unfortunately we can only give approximate arrival times as it depends on several factors such as where you live in the city and how many dogs we have to deliver

Does someone need to be home for pick / drop off

No. As long as we have met your dog before and they are comfortable with us entering the yard or house

We have a safe in our vehicle to store house keys if you require it.

What is involved in a pack walk

We go out monday- friday mornings. It is $50

We pick up and drop the dogs home and do a 1.5 hour walk. We pick a walk based on what dogs we have in the pack and the weather.

We also have an older dog walk that is 45 minutes.

During the walk we work on leash training, manners with other dogs and people and recall. Once they have mastered their recall we will provide some off leash fun such as swimming or ball play.

What is provided in a full groom

Bath, dry, nails and the clip that you choose

All dogs are shampooed twice and then conditioned to make sure our grooms have a great finish

Do you do anal glands

Only if requested / needed, its is not recommended to do it regularly especially on puppies

Do you ear pluck

no, we leave this upto vets as it can cause damage

What is a mini groom

Great for in between full grooms especially in winter when we want to keep their coat longer

We bath, dry and tidy up their face, feet and sanitary area

What is a deshed

Dogs that have double coats such as retrievers, collies, spitz

These types of coats shed during the change of seasons so the dog is warmer in winter and cooler in summer

We bath them in a special shampoo to help dislodge their undercoat and brush them out. At your request we can trim their back end and / or feathers